About the Dependant Variable (me)

I have been blog absent for about 4 years. I am a former Elementary School teacher turned stay at home mom turned CFO of my husband's construction company (hence the extended absence). I graduated and taught for 1 year before having my first son so my teaching potential was never realized (who's ever really is anyhow). Being a stay at home mom was super rewarding and after starting, running and selling a construction company I appreciate my previous career so much more. I entered the adult world seamlessly but then it took over every facet of my life. I am still married to my husband with whom I have shared many highs and lows. After 6 years of marriage we are still going strong. I started blogging out of the necessity to keep my brain active but stopped when my brain could take no more stimuli and all creative ports became blocked. As I said above we sold the company just over 90 days ago and are enjoying a pre-tirement phase which has begun to lead me back here. I won't attempt to catch everything up here and have many things to relearn around here but promise I will be posting whenever inspiration strikes in order to begin getting this though storage/sharing back online. Boy, do I hope blogging has not gone the way of Myspace.....

If you would like to see the above along with some random FAQs view my Google Profile at: http://www.blogger.com/profile/06611003738118074047
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