Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What the Hell am I Doing Here?

So, I have decided to start a blog. Having no use for Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or any other networking site I am not really sure how this will go. The Title for my blog describes how it's been since the day I had my first son, an experiment in whether or not I can be maternal. At this very moment I am trying to type my initial post while my 3 year old whines about wanting more food. Do I stop to service him as he whines "I'm hungry Mama"? Not yet. Usually I have until the threat of tears to react. Here you will read my various and scattered thoughts about motherhood, wifedom, and just being a chick. I hope what I have to say is somewhat interesting and if not, well then there are like 6 million blogs out there that might be more so. Right now though, I need to feed my kid before he grabs my cell and dials CPS.


Melody said...

My darling Baby Girl. I always thought that you would be a great leader. Your leader instincts manifest themselves at a very early age when you began beating your brother senseless to help him understand family hierarchy. Pinching his ears to a brilliant red helped him understand that you WERE IN CONTROL!
Kind of like Remy wouldn't you think?
Reading your observations make me chuckle,& feel SOOO GOOD! This phrase is oh so appropriate, "You just wait until you have children of your own".

Anonymous said...

We almost started our blogs on the same day. My first entry was November 9, 2009. I'm enjoying reading your posts.

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