Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Do We Fall For It? How Massachusetts Got Me Thinking.

Our government has become like our worst high school boyfriend. Sure he cheats on us with no regard for our feelings and we’ve been with him far longer than we should but we just keep going back. I was reminded of this last night while watching the Massachusetts Senatorial Race. I’m not big on politics, I am registered as Non Partisan because I am not hooking my wagon up to any of these sinking ships. Coakley lost which was a surprise because I thought everyone was just going to go for whoever Obama told them to. It was great to see people actually thought for themselves.
Watching Nancy Pelosi before that election say they will push through healthcare no matter what made me question my fellow San Franciscans. How can they be proud of someone who only cares about her ideology even though the government is there to represent everyone. My husband is a small business owner, we do not have health insurance (I know, that’s like Russian roulette with kids) so I do feel something needs to be done but what is on the table is just wrong and we all know it. I would love to see TORT reform, here in Nevada we’ve lost hundreds of great doctors because they can’t afford the lawsuit insurance. I would also love to see competition across state lines, my in-laws live in California and have access to Kaiser which we would love to purchase but can’t here in Nevada. Opening up the market would force Sierra Health (Nevada’s Hitler of health) to lower their rates and provide better care. I would LOVE to see pre-existing conditions abolished because my last pregnancy which I found out about right after purchasing insurance was denied because of such a clause.
I am not just bagging on the Dems, the Republicans suck too. You can’t run anything based on straight negativity with no clear message the way they have. I say that the government officials are like a bad boyfriend because some of these fuckers have been in office for 20+ years and people keep electing them. Look at Arlen Spector, not only is he old but he doesn’t even have set beliefs. I know your outlook can change over the years but that dude bails when it looks like he’s on his way out. That’s not conviction, that’s cowardice and self preservation. This trait is okay in your neighbor or boss but shouldn’t the people who represent our beliefs and best interest be above that? How can any of those people relate if they’ve been living the good life for so many years? How do they know what we go through if they’ve never owned a company or it’s been a decade since they carried a real job? I do not agree with Obama and have not since day one but I was down with the change thing that came along with him. I get it, we are sick of the same. If that is true why don’t we start to wash out some of these incumbents come November? If we are ready for change lets start where the real decisions are made, the House and Senate. Don’t vote for someone because they’ve been there, vote for someone because they are new and daring (no I am not supporting Sarah Palin either). With all of these back door deals and double speak we should all be pissed at the whole rotten lot of them. They are selling you a bag of shit while telling you it’s roses. We are smarter than that people. I wish everyone (or more people) would go out and register Non Partisan, then they can’t claim you before an election and they would have to work harder because they would have no idea which way the vote was going to go.
I am not trying to preach I am just stating what I see. Maybe people are changing as some of the news stations were labeling what happened in Massachusetts last night but I don’t have that much faith. I think there are far too many of us that will just go along with what we’re told and vote along our party lines because that’s how it’s done. One thing I do know, the only party I subscribe to and will look out for is the human party. When I vote this November I will be thinking about my kids and yours, our families and their needs/future, not about whether or not Harry Reid and I are on the right or the left.


Karen said...

Over the last few years, I've been so frustrated with elected officials that I have voted against almost every incumbent. I'm so fed up with the broken promises, the lies, the disdain our "leaders" have for us as they vote against everything we sent them to office to fix.

I rejoiced on Tuesday night, not because a Republican won, but because the people of Massachusetts stood together and said NO to the status quo.

Sabreena said...

I'm with you Karen. I am dissolusioned and unsatisfied. I could care less if someone is Republican, Democrat, or Independant. I just want someone who is going to do their job. I have a mom and a dad I don't need Washington to behave as if they are a replacement for my parents.

Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said...

Hi there :) I also love that the ppl stood together and voted for someone not because if they are a D or and R but it was so refreshing that ppl are looking at the candidate.

i frankly can't stand either one of these parties. I am ready to throw all of them on the behinds!

it is never good when ANY politician has their own agenda and not truly representing the ppl and their interests.

Clare said...

I agree with you. I vote for who is best not by political party. Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday.


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