Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coming Soon: 2 Cent Tuesdays

Next week I am starting my very own internet meme. I got the term meme from Keely over at MannLand5 so I looked it up on Wikipedia. They define an internet meme as “a phrase used to describe a concept that spreads quickly via the internet”. We bloggers and blogettes know these “internet memes” as posts like Wordless Wednesdays or Keely’s Getting to Know You Sunday. There is a lot more on Wikipedia about the meaning and origin of memes but I think you get my point (if not click the link and go see). I think these are fun and a great way to strike up blog talk so I am starting one. It will be every Tuesday and it’s called 2 Cent Tuesdays (not to be confused with any other Two Cents Tuesdays where bloggers simply express their own opinion weekly, this is a social 2 Cent Tuesdays). I know as bloggers we all have opinions but I am offering one day a week when you put in your 2 cents on the topic of your choice freely and without repercussion (I guess I can’t guarantee that last bit because comments will be comments). Like or hate a movie? Post your 2 Cents. Overhear but are left out of a discussion between your husband and his friend or mother? Post your 2 Cents. Was a decision made somewhere in the world you didn’t agree with? Post your 2 Cents. I have more than enough pennies to put my 2 cents in EVERYWHERE but not enough people who want them so I am inviting you to play along as I place them here on my blog. You may have heard the saying “opinions are like assholes and everyone has one”. Well, link yours up here every Tuesday and we’ll all have a good look sans judgment. Consider it opinion proctology. The rules are simple. Write your 2 Cent post, copy and paste the 2 Cent Tuesday button/link (currently under construction) somewhere in the post, then return here to link up via McLinkey. That’s it! So as stated above I will be rolling this sucker out next Tuesday and would love for anyone reading to join in and please, bring yo friends.


Marcie Chavez said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now. I love the idea of 2 cent Tuesdays and can't wait to start!

Sabreena said...

Be here tomorrow for I will be making my attempt at starting a meme. Thanks for following Marcie.

Lluvia said...

I like the idea. Looking forward to reading and participating! ;)

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