Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Best Award Evah!!!!

My friend Nanny over at Naughty Mommy Reviews created this badass award which I coveted from the start (who doesn't want an award attached to hotness) and today she has been benevolent enough to bestow it upon me. Being a 32 year old mother of 2 and looking the way I do I have been aware of my MYLFtastic  hotness for a while but Nanny's recognition has added a few more notches to my narcissism belt. The rules for the award are as follows: Make a post with the graphic and post the graphic on your blog. Nominate 5 other sexy blogs and let them know via comments with a link so they can grab the graphic. My nominees are:

1. Crissy
2. Aunt Becky @ Mommy Wants Vodka
3. Robin @ Mass Hole Mommy
4. Dr. Heckle
5. Mary @ Pajamas and Coffee

Thanks again Nanny, and to those I have nominated, accept it and be gracious because I chose you above all the rest. You're never too good for a random award dammit!


Crissy said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for the award, Lady! This is a pretty hot lookin' blog it's own self!

ken said...

damn, that BADGE is pretty fookin hot.

fishnets? thong? strappy heels?


marymac said...

Coolest award EVER!!
Thank you so much for including me and for reading! I LOVE your totally fun blog and am so glad I got to stop by!
Rock on, sistah!

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