Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Icognito Lipstick Vibe Review

Grrl Toyz® Incognito Lipstick Vibe, Hot Pink

As I stated last week TheirToys.com sent me the Grrl Toyz Incognito Lipstick Vibe (pictured to the right) to review. Over the weekend I was afforded the opportunity to try the item. This was no easy feat as George St. Pierre fought Josh Koscheck on Saturday night and we had to fly in and out of SF on Sunday for the Forty Niner game (both GSP and the Niners one so with the addition of Friday's Lipstick Vibe trial it was a pretty good weekend). As this is my first review I hope I do well and invite all who stumble upon it to comment and let me know what you think.

The item came quickly and was packaged in a manner that did not allow my mailman's imagination to run wild. Whenever ordering something like this online it is good to know your privacy will be protected during the item's pilgrimage to you. Upon opening the box I found the item in it's original plastic pack. It takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included. This vibrator is built for clitoral stimulation and is made to look like your average lipstick for when you would like to travel with it but do not want the TSA (or friends and family) to know you have brought along a vibrator. This fact was important to me because we vacation at least once a year and I was tired of displacing my Tiffany jewelry everytime I needed to conceal my Pocket Rocket. The vibrator itself is also very cute and girly helping it fit in with the items you would normally place in your make up bag.

The slanted lipstick shape of the tip makes it perfect for clitoral placement. The vibration of it rivals that of my trusted Pocket Rocket which I have used for years. Though it is big enough to keep a hold of, it is also just small enough to fit in between my husband and I which I appreciated because we have been looking for a vibrator that could be used during the actual "act". As for the ability of the Incognito Lipstick Vibe, I was pleasantly surprised to find it worked better than my go to vibrator. I have seen and passed up this vibrator in the past under the assumption it was more of a novelty item. I was wrong and it performs the double duty of looking inconspicuous while getting the "job" done well.

Since I am not a huge fan of penetrating vibrators I consider myself a sort of aficionado of the clitoral vibes and this item is going to be my new favorite. It is water tolerant so you can also use it in the tub. Thanks to that water tolerance clean up is easy with a little soap and water. The Lipstick Vibe is reasonably priced at 24.99 and though it was sent to me free of charge I checked out shipping under their Customer Service link and found shipping is only 9.95 on domestic orders and FREE on orders over 50 bucks.

The site itself is easy to navigate and carries a number of toys for men and women along with an array of lubes and condoms. Everything is placed in easy to navigate categories. The Lipstick Vibe can be found in the main category Vibrators under the the subcategory Mini Vibrators or by clicking the link above. Even if you're not interested in this particular item TheirToys.com is worth a visit for your next (or first) sex enhancement purchase because they have something for everyone.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Review

I am going to be posting my first product review next week. Though my blog is primarily for me to air my dirty laundry and complain to the cyber world at large I have been interested in testing out goodies and letting others know whether they're worth spending some of your last unemployment check on (sorry 99ers, it's just a joke).

Anyway, recently I was contacted by a nice woman named Brittany over at  TheirToys.com who offered me this first product review opportunity. Now, I know what you're thinking, a toy review is super sweet but they do not sell the type of toys families are dealing with at this time of year. They carry a wide and reasonably priced array of adult toys to jingle your bell. The item I will be reviewing is the Lipstick Vibe:
Grrl Toyz® Incognito Lipstick Vibe, Hot Pink
Pretty, isn't it?

The item arrived just the other day so hopefully I will be able to try it over the weekend and post the review on Monday or Tuesday. Family members and my more conservative readers need not cringe, I will keep my review clean and professional. You will not have to deal with an in depth explanation of my lady lumps or the scene in which the usage took place. Nothing but the facts in the most respectful manner I can muster. Anyone who is still reading my inconsistent experiment is invited back next week to check out this review and maybe get some ideas to make your holidays bright.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know I have not been around much lately and I have many excuses. We went to England in October then it was in and out of San Francisco for a Niner game but mostly, I have been very lazy and uninspired. During my impromptu hiatus I have started but failed to finish at least 5 posts so in an effort to re-engage some of the followers I fought so hard to pull in I will be wading back into the blog pool.
As we all know last week was Thanksgiving. A day of food and family and ours was right on par. My mom and her husband came up from Arizona and my stepchildren made their first solo drive from California to Vegas. My father, brother, and pseudo SIL also joined us. It was a smaller gathering than most but enjoyable none the less. Dave cooked his second Turduken and that shit was great. He made the first one last year but this year he really honed his technique. I don't usually like duck but, when it's layered with turkey, chicken, and stuffing it is awesome. Dinner went well (the eating time is always greatly disproportionate to cook time on Thanksgiving) and I would venture to say everyone had fun. At least I did anyway.

Friday we got the teenagers up at 245am to join the fray that is Black Friday. As readers who've been with me from the beginning may know I fucking HATE Black Friday. People act like crack smoking homeless folk when they hit those doorbuster sales. Everyone is wondering around in loose fitting sleepwear type garments with glazed eyes and slack mouths frantically grabbing up a bunch of useless shit that cost 40 bucks the day before but now in the wee hours of the morning is selling for 18.99. They then stand in 2 hour lines to run up their burgeoning credit card debt. The only reason I consented to another Black Friday outing was my husband's yearning for the 350 dollar red enamel 10 piece Claphalon cookware set that was selling at Kohls for 179.99. Dave always has something he needs come Black Friday. The nice thing is it's usually specific and at one store so we aren't wondering around in the mosh pit of shoppers all day.

After purchasing our new cookware set (which is beautiful and well worth the inconvenience) along with a few other items we ventured to the Target next door to "take a look". What greeted us was a line wrapping around the stupid store which we had no interest in standing in. That was when we made the decision to go home and get back to our original activity, sleep.

Before you say to yourself "Wow, what a tranquil and uneventful holiday Sabreena had. She is quite the lucky lady." be aware there was a trauma. You CANNOT have a four day weekend filled with family and glutenous amounts of food without drama. My mom and her husband brought their very old and very sickly dog with them for the weekend. By Friday afternoon I think the dog had just had it with my kids. My youngest Remy was being chased by his brother and ran over the old bastard who turned around and bit right into Remy's little leg leaving a nasty but non-life threatening puncture wound. I calmed my baby and cleaned him up explaining that the doggy needed to be avoided at all cost. That advice was not to be heeded.

Later that evening Dave and I took my stepchildren out for a little toddler free time. Upon our return home we found a note explaining that the dog had bitten the same child again but this time in the face. I aroused said child from his slumber to find his lip bloodied by what looked like 4 new bites (which looked deceptively worse that night). I did not panic and run to the emergency room which I am glad for because the next day the cuts were smaller and already healing. My mom on the other hand left early and feeling horrible. We closed out the weekend with couch time and a Superman movie marathon.

Now it is five days after the attack and Remy is fine. The puncture wound is struggling to close and his mouth is a little scabby but his condition is nothing compared to what it could have been. However, when asked how his Thanksgiving was Remy pulls at his lower lip and answers "The doggy ate my face". Ahhhh memories.

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