Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Want a Prozac?

This is a question my husband and I ask my youngest son Remy many times a day. He doesn't really need Prozac, but he is one angry and disillusioned little dude. He screams at his toys should they have the audacity to fall apart or move the wrong way. He smacks his brother for breathing and yells at me should I suggest cleaning up, eating, moving, etc. Forget getting out the camera, then he gets really pissed leaving most of our pictures to look like this:

That's him on the left (could his older brother Lash be any sweeter?). This is the same look he had when dressed in a Santa suit for Christmas last year and at the zoo recently. I don't get it. What crawled up his ass at 2 years old? He doesn't have to wipe said ass, drive in traffic, clean the house, pay the bills, or anything else that results in true stress but there he is, always pissed. If you make the mistake of picking him up and trying to love the anger out of him you're chancing a full on beat down. My oldest has learned this the hard way by bearing the brunt of a flying toy and/or fist after trying to cheer the little grouch up. Maybe Remy's had it with the health care debate or is disappointed his 2 years of life didn't turn out the way he planned. Whatever it is that has got his Huggies in a twist I can only hope this doesn't get worse with age. I don't think the school system wants a 5 year old with an adult prescription for Valium tucked away in his little backpack.


Karen said...

I used to babysit a little girl with some serious anger issues. She really just grew out of it. I hope your little guy does that same thing, and I'm sure he probably will!

Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Sabreena said...

Thanks Karen. My husband and I hope he does too. We both say he's lucky he's cute because that's how he gets away with it. Even when he's mad you can't help but laugh at how adorable he is. Merry Christmas.

Nicole said...

haha. What an interesting lil dude! I hope it gets better & Not worse =D

Thaanks for sharing your best of 09! SITS style =D

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