Monday, March 1, 2010

Comments Are Back

So over the weekend I had tried to use Intense Debate on my blog and just found out from one of my fair readers that it was not allowing comments. I was attempting to find a way to achieve threaded comments so I could reply to comments but the one I chose failed. My comments are now back to the normal blogger format so please continue to comment as the rejection will set in deep very soon. I wish blogger would just get its shit together and offer threaded comments because I hate not being able to respond. I've thought about switching to Wordpress but if you've read me before I am damn lazy and feel as if that switch would be a lot of work. Plus I just achieved 39 followers and don't wish to lose anyone. Anywho, please continue to leave the comment love and I will post back to you here in the Jurassic way blogger allows.


ShellyInOz said...

Hi Sabreena,

Just avoiding study to come and read your blog. Thanks for stopping by--glad to see another blogger out there that knows what it's like to avoid the stuff we don't like doing.

Have a great rest of your day.

Shelly from

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