Friday, March 5, 2010

Juicy Couture Birthday Wishes

In 2 months and 2 days I will be turning 32 years old. I don’t mind getting older yet because I don’t really feel any older than I did when I was 25. I have also been told I could still pass for late twenties so age doesn’t bother me. Most years there is nothing specific I want for my birthday so my wonderful Hubs wings it and has always been successful with little to no direction from me. This year is different. 2 years ago, on Christmas, my husband helped fuel my current obsession with Juicy Couture. I really wanted a track suit so he went out and bought me 3 along with the cutest pink purse. Now, I know the tracksuits are ridiculed by many but I love them. They fit really well, are super cozy, and have held up over the past 2 years (they do not say Juicy across the ass. There are some things that are only appropriate if you’re 17 and even then Juicy across your ass is questionable). This last year he returned to our local Juicy store and purchased my favorite perfume, a pair of Pjs and this badass wallet:
Say what you will, but Juicy makes some quality clothing and though I’m not big on shopping in stores where you spend 200 bucks on one item I make occasional exceptions for that store (I’m not really big on shopping at all). That leads us back to my birthday. Due to Hubby’s frequent Christmas trips to the store we now receive the sales catalog and this past week I found exactly what I want for the big B. It is this Terry Short Sleeve Puff Zip-up Romper in Black Size medium (I know you’re reading baby):

It gets super hot here and this would be great to wear around town or at the lake over my swimsuit. I know you’re thinking “How can terry cloth be comfy in the summer?” but it is super breathable and feels like you’re wearing a soft towel. I kept the sales catalog and marked the page so that along with this blog may insure the ultimate acquirement of this romper. The other item I would love to own from this fine store is this Easy Rider Free Style Bag (winter white):

That purse would go great with my wallet (shown above). Though I am wary of white in general this purse is too fuckin awesome to let color be a factor! There it is, my two birthday wishes. Kind of a fluff post but necessary none the less.

What would you like for your birthday this year?


Mom in Boyland said...

I would love tickets to an amazing show, a water view, and that cute Romper. it does look comfy!

Sabreena said...

I'll take two of the water view. Thanks for the comment, I was getting a little lonely over here.

Multibrand said...

Hello friend,
Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also followed your blog.
I like your blog, it's easy to access, nice looking and informative. Congrats!
Let's keep in touch okay?

Sabreena said...

Thank you Multibrand. This post was mostly fluff but somedays that's all I have going on in my brain. Welcome to me followers and I will definitley keep in touch.

Lluvia said...

You know...I wore a jumpsuit once...gave me a nasty camel toe! The whole time, I had to keep pulling it down. I thought it was just me...then, I saw the Tyra Banks Show,who was wearing a jumpsuit as well; she too, kept pulling that thing down! Never again...


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