Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Coupons Get No Respect

I have recently taken up coupon clipping. For some strange reason I find it exciting to find coupons for the exact stuff I need and I get a rush from upping my savings each time. I have never really used coupons before and only decided to recently when I found the effect it had on me (it also makes me feel fiscally responsible). It’s kind of like heroin and I need my fix. It can be very calming to sit and cut those little babies out or search online for hours. Aside for the selfish reasons I use coupons I feel that in these economic times showing some savings initiative should ward a little respect, but sadly, it does not. The other evening me and my little Fam went to Walmart to catch up on some vacation neglected grocery shopping. Now, I know I kind of preached in my post Washington’s Chickens Roost in our Homes about warehouse stores but I only use Walmart for dry goods and dairy while all of my meat, produce, and in between purchases are made at our neighborhood Albertsons (I try to spread the wealth while keeping some of it for myself, my small attempt at being good karmically).

I happily held my 25 bucks worth of coupons as we wandered through gathering our much needed supplies (all the while dealing with 2 tired and hungry toddlers). Our basket was full to say the least. We hauled ass to the check out and I started to load the belt while my husband took off to get a second cart for the bagged stuff (I always load the belt because I am hella anal about how the items get bagged. Who wants flat bread and popped grapes?). The cashier finally got done ringing everything up to a grand total of $310.00 as my husband looked on warily. I handed over my little pile of coupons (at this point only one woman is behind us). As the cashier started to scan the coupons things went south very quickly. I had like 3 buy one get one free coupons which instead of just scanning the cashier insisted on WRITING the price of the freebie on the coupon forcing my husband to dig for those items so she could find the price to write (you would assume scanning the stupid coupon would remove the needed item but evidently that is a ridiculous expectation). I also had a coupon for a free 32 load jug of Tide (FREE!) which the damn cashier could not get to work. By this time 3 more people had joined our line as the cashier hand inputted my computer printed coupons which were too light to scan. I looked back and was greeted by several annoyed faces in my line which in turn made me annoyed myself (my husband laughs because I am not one to yell or chew someone out but my body movements and facial expression give away every ounce of rage I might be feeling). Questions started going through my head fueling my inner fire. Why isn’t this cashier more efficient? Am I the first person to use coupons EVER? Why is everyone else so annoyed, where the hell do they have to be with loads of groceries? Where are my props for trying to save some dough for my little family?

There seems to be a ridiculous and unfair stigma that is placed on people with coupons. It is especially disappointing during these trying times. What if the mother in front of you is using her last 100 dollars and the coupons are getting her bill down under that budget? It seems so acceptable to have no patience or time for anyone else but not acceptable to inconvenience others with your basic human needs. Because of these annoyed assholes behind me I ended up forfeiting the free Tide (snatching it from the cashier passive aggressively). The other coupons which were used took my final bill from $301 to $280 which I was proud of and my husband congratulated me for, but the people in line were less than impressed. I apologize for ruining your evening Walmart jaunt and subsequently your life. Even though I didn’t need the coupons because we had budgeted for the shopping trip to be a large one I feel the need to try, whenever possible, to save were I can. So to those people behind me, fuck you if you’re too impatient and self involved to allow others to prosper. There were other lines. Maybe you do your shopping late at night when the store is emptier and you won’t have to deal with the rest of us (and us with you).

Either way, I apologized to the lady directly behind me as we left (even though it was the cashier’s inefficiency that made my coupons so traumatic for others). We personally considered it a successful shopping trip because of the savings and the fact our boys held up really well throughout (if you’re a parent you know this fact makes ANY outing successful). Next time I am going to collect like 50 coupons. Then while the cashier slowly puts them in, as they always do, I will smile smugly at those behind me refusing to be affected by their obvious lack of coupon respect.

Have you ever been subject to coupon disrespect? If not, have you had to deal with some other type of grocery store disrespect? Or are you the disrespector?


Randa said...

Hey! I found you from Renegade Moms. I have yet to try to use coupons. I am far too lazy for it. But as a cashier at WalMart that cashier you had sucked! All she had to do was hit one button and all the stuff she scanned would print out and voila! No need to dig! I don't mind when people come in with coupons. All I have to do is scan them and it's easy. Do not apologize for using them! And you shouldn't worry everyone that goes to WM expects big lines, that's so they get to bitch! We do price matching as well and sometimes if a customer says "hey that was marked this much back there." I don't make them wait for a price check, I take their word for it. I guess that just might be me though, and I might get in trouble for it one day.
Like I said, sometime I would love to get into coupon shopping and way to go on your $20 savings!!
Okay now to snoop around some more.

Sabreena said...

I wish you'd been my cashier. I have a feeling she wasn't being efficient. I will be less of a wuss next time and not apologize. I too was lazy but now love my coupons so to hell with everyone else.

Lluvia said...

YES!! All the time! I got into it with the stupid cashier at Wal-Mart because she claimed my formula coupon didn't work!! I have purchased formula with coupons there before!! Never again! I go to Target! I wrote an angry letter to them. I doubt they care, but I did it anyway. I also wrote to Enfamil company and told them that Wal-Mart wouldn't take my coupons.

They wrote me a letter apologizing, and sent me a bunch more coupons. Yay!

Sabreena said...

I should complain because I wasn't able to use my free Tide (and I bought the damn jug anyway for full price). I feel very vindicated by you guys. Maybe next time I'll just pop the cashier in the mouth and yell "hurry up bitch!" Just kidding.

Hissyfits & Halos said...

Ugh! I hate coupons. I hate shopping at WalMart, even more, and shopping with my husband in tow??? Gawd. I'd rather shoot myself. But, I still do it. I don't clip coupons. Not that I wouldn't love to save even an extra $1.00, but I simply don't have time. If I ever catch up on my house, laundry, organization, and kiddos, I might find the time. As for getting behind someone in line, and getting all pizzy because they use coupons?? Paaalease! If you're in a hurry, don't get behind someone with $300 worth of groceries. It's never going to be pretty. ;) Next time, tell them that your extra $20 is going straight to sum good crack! People are more patient when they're laughing. ;)

Ken said...

it's funny.

these impatient, annoyed people would be the FIRST ones to bend over and scamper after a handful of dollar bills blowing with the wind in the parking lot.

Lisa Anne said...

I'm too lazy to clip coupons. When I do I always forget them when out shopping. LOL I heard Target is accepting coupons on your cell phone. Now that's cool!

SweepTight said...

Hey! I just found you on The Product Review Place. I am obsessed with coupons. I find myself feeling guilty sometimes when I have a fistful of coupons and there is a line behind me, but I am getting over it. WTF, everyone is broke right now, so I think us couponers are the smart ones. Anyone who can't wait the extra 2 minutes in line should stay home and join Peapod or something.
Anyway, I am new to this whole blogging thing and having a blast getting to know new bloggers. I love your writing style! Can't wait to read more of your posts. :)
~ Jennie @

Sabreena said...

From now on it's screw you to all impatient shoppers. If I wanna save 5 bucks I'll save 5 bucks. You don't like it, go the f*ck home!

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