Friday, March 12, 2010

To Cut or Not To Cut?

That is the question and I think I have finally found the answer. Since I had my sons I have been contemplating the very self indulgent practice called a tummy tuck. At my heaviest with my second son I weighed 201 pounds. I gained 70 pounds twice in 2 years. I have lost all of that but have been left with a deflated kangaroo pouch in the front. My ass, thighs, and arms all went back to normal but my stomach is this round sagging thing. It’s not huge, but unattractive none the less. Workout? I tried but cannot stand exercise (I also think that due to my pregnancies the muscles in my stomach might be shot,). I have never had to in my life and though it sounds ridiculous I just can’t seem to get up the gumption (I’m lazy as hell). I am not exaggerating or trying to sound pompous, I really haven’t had to work at fitness. Sure I’ve gained and lost 5 pounds frequently over the years but I just don’t put on enough to be a health risk or avoid swimsuits, until my 2 little bundles of joy of course.

My husband and I have discussed surgery on and off over the last year and for a long time it was agreed if I worked out for 6 months and nothing really changed I could have the surgery. Recently we came to a new realization. I could go in one day and come out completely fixed. I have never been a heavy person so it’s not like I would gain 100 pounds and ruin the results in a year. My body would stay that way pretty much for the rest of my life (with allowance for some chub here and there, I’m not an alien). It would be an investment.

What exactly am I “workin with” you ask. Since I am too embarrassed to actually include a photo of my stomach I will say that my before photo would look something like a combo of this woman's before and after photos:

Before / After

I have the tummy of the “before” picture with the ass, hips, and ribs of the “after” photo. That shit just doesn’t match and it causes me great stress when undressing. Add to that the jacked up condition of my damn belly button piercing (yes I hopped on that whore train to celebrate my college graduation 5 years ago). My once boarder line hot piercing is so stretched it barley keeps 14 gage jewelry in and I don't wear the jewelry it looks like I have 2 belly buttons (that’s an exaggeration but it doesn’t look good). I think it would be wonderful to just have my flabby little free loader cut off and thrown away. I have achieved a confidence in my adulthood that as a teenager did not exist (highschool trauma saved for another time). But this damn sack of skin gives me pause every time. If I walk by a mirror naked I have to lift it and mess with it no matter how many times I’ve seen the damned thing. It gots to go. It’s closing time and my stomach has completely overstayed its welcome.

Along with the wonderful things I have also explored the cons of the surgery (I’ve had a long time to think this through as I constantly surveyed my children’s leftovers). First, I am afraid of the whole put to sleep anesthesia thing. I have not had any real surgery since my tonsils when I was 2 which I don’t remember and I was awake for my C-sections. Second, I am a little wary of the recovery. My mom has agreed to come in and help with the kids for a week and my wonderful husband has offered to get he and I a hotel room for the first few days so I guess recovery wouldn’t be too bad (except for the searing pain). The third and last reason I hesitated was a bit strange. My husband had mentioned I would probably lose my c-section scar. I got sentimental for like 2 seconds about losing my badge of honor, the mark of the exit hole which brought my boys into the world. Then I decided the new and probably larger scar would take its place and without the bloated pot belly above it, I wouldn’t miss the c-section scar that much.

I know it’s vain and lazy to take this route but I also believe it would restore that last bit of confidence I am missing. I would be able to wear a two piece again. I wouldn’t have to avoid certain clothes because my tummy still looks like I’m 3 months pregnant and I would fit some of the clothes I own better. I am willing to keep up my body once the surgery is done. I would not become a “surgery slut” afterward and pull a Montag, completely distorting my face and body so that I look like a plastic blowfish (I like the rest of me just fine thank you). This procedure would be to simply help me to enjoy my body the way that I used to.

My first course of action right now is getting a consultation and finding out about pricing/financing (that shit is expensive and we aren’t rich). I think I found a doctor that does a great job and who sets up a plan whereby you set up the surgery with payments being made in the time before. That could work. So other people’s opinions aside, I think I’m going to go for it. I want to be sexy dammit and having a deflated balloon for a tummy 2 years after my last child just doesn’t do sexy any justice. I will come back to log my research findings once I complete the consult.

What do you think? Is it wrong to take the easy way out and have the surgery? If you could, would you have a surgery to fix something about yourself?


james said...

If you're lazy then there's no point in surgery because you'll just end up in the same situation a few months down the line, you should just incorporate some light exercise into your daily routine, it wont take long to get rid of that pouch and start feeling great!.

Sabreena said...

I undertand that point James, however, as I stated I am only in this place because of my pregnancies. My body is basically back to prepregnancy status except I have quite a bit of extra skin. The surgery would be to remove that skin. Sometimes excercise isn't the answer but most times it is. I thank you for the male perspective.

peasterpeach said...

I say go for it! If that is what you want do it.We all want to look sexy and sometimes it takes a little extra help.Lord knows I have considered it myself,but we arn't done with the baby making so I will have to wait a few years.

Randa said...

I wish I could blame my body's state on having my son. But I ruined my body well before he came around. I would love to take the easy way out but I think I have bigger problems body wise then you do. I say go for it! My friend has been working out and eating right for a year, and she only lost 15 lbs where as people who do the same amount of working out as she does, or less in some matters, have lost 100lbs, she really wants to get lypo to get rid of fat that won't go away, and I don't blame her.
If you have the means and you need to do it for you, do it. And don't worry what other people say. I would do it in a heart beat if I could!

Lluvia said...

If you can and you have the money, go for it! I would downsize my boobs and big belly if I could, and wasn't too afraid of going under the knife!

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