Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hats Off to Single Parents

I would suck at single motherhood. I am in total awe of the women and men that do this tough and sometimes lonely job. My husband left yesterday for his 5 day sausage fest that he and his buddies call a fishing tournament in Mexico and I am already miserable. Though he doesn't do much while he is here the fact is, he is here. I have someone to talk to that knows and loves my boys like I do. When he gets home from work he deflects some of their attention from me so I can breath a little. Sometimes he even comes home midday and takes the little guys off my hands for an hour of peace. He cooks for us almost every night and his presence allows me to go to the bathroom by myself during evenings and weekends. No matter what my day is like, when we crawl into bed at the end of the day and he cuddles me everything is okay. I find comfort and companionship in my husband in a way I do not have with anyone else. I can't imagine raising my boys without him. I know it can be done but even just these few days without him I am finding it lonely and hard. Plus, if he weren't around I would have to work on top of caring for my little terrors alone so I imagine I would be totally drained. Never mind that I would sooner or later have to attempt dating which would be a whole issue unto itself for me.

A friend of ours is a single mom and I give her mad props. Raising kids is a tough job but to do it on your own is like triple duty. I am in no way saying a single parent doesn't have a good quality of life I am just saying I admire how hard it must be at times. Sometimes (okay pretty much all of the time) I take my husband for granted and focus more on what he isn't doing. When he is gone I get clarity on all he does do and it makes me appreciate my luck in finding and having him. I am so proud of all of the single parents out there. You are brave souls and you often don't get the recognition and break you deserve. I guess I'm just feeling lonely but sitting here with 2 crazy toddlers with no prospect of my husband's return until Tuesday got me thinking. I wouldn't like single parenthood and totally look up to all of those people that do it happily and successfully. My hat is off to all of you. You f-ing rock!!!


Brittney said...

Oh yeah they do! My hubby just started working 2 jobs so hes gone night and day and well im left here doing everything by myself, I never realized how much help he was until i didnt have it anymore.. To not have that extra pair of hands everyday must be really difficult and those are some strong women (and men) who are single parents!

thatgirlblogs said...

I so agree. I feel sorry for the kids, too, even though it's no one's "fault" if there's only 1 parent. It's just hard all the way around. I'm so lucky to have someone around so I can pee! said...

Great post. At least twice a week, either my husband or I will say, "I don't know how single parents do it." I mean, here we are in a strong marriage of 10 years, relatively financially comfortable, and with no serious illnesses, yet we struggle sometimes.

Here's hoping you find moments of sanity in your 5 days.

Brakes and Gas said...

Very good reminder to be grateful for my circumstances. And, BTW, your hubby is awfully lucky to have you too! A 5-day sausage fest?! I guess I can't really complain about Brake's upcoming boys weekend. However don't be looking for a blog about how great he is when he is gone. ;) I hope the next five days fly by! Great post!

Randa said...

Since Jesse does all the house work because I'm lazy I would defiantly suck at being a single parent. I've actually admitted to this before. So he pretty much knows that I would never get rid of him. Hmm..I wonder if that was his plan all along!
He does his own laundry and cleans the kitchen and the living room every day. Yup. I think I'll keep him.

Jackie said...

Agreed. Hats off the single parents, juggling kids with two parents is hard enough. I cannot fathom doing it on a daily basis alone.

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