Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Cent Tuesdays: Making Fame out of Nothing At All

As you know from my previous post Porn Stars Make Bad Mistresses I am a little stuck on this topic. It seems everywhere you turn some family wrecking hooker is interviewing or spreading for a magazine and I am starting to wonder where our celebrity culture is headed. I have wondered this in the past with Ocotmom, Jon and Kate, any one of the Real World jackasses, and the list could go on but lately it seems folks are scraping the bottom of the barrel. With all of the "alleged" cheating going on you can throw a rock without thumping one of Tiger's or Jesse's mistakes. I usually won't blame in these situations as it takes 2 to tango but with these bitches I am appalled.  I saw on Chelsea Lately that Vanity Fair did a photo shoot and article with like 5 of Tiger's dirty little secrets. Jesse James's little Nazi slut actually got herself an interview somewhere in which she included an apology to Sandra Bullock. Classic, sorry I fucked your husband and then leaked the news the day after YOU won an oscar but I felt betrayed. This is disgusting. Ignore these women already. They knew these dudes were married and famous therefore leading me to believe they knew full well what they were getting in to so I say screw them (that's right, someone already did). It’s not like they were tricked by some married guy who told them he was single and promised them a future. They did their part (mostly on their knees) and now they are obsolete. The men have their tails firmly placed between their legs and are attempting to fade into the background so why not just rid our magazines and televisions of the offensive chicks those sum bags chose to ruin their lives with. I do not intentionally watch or read anything about these debacles but they keep invading my shows without my permission and it is pissing me off. These females are not special and in most cases they are far from hot. These bitches are plain and simple home wreckers. Many better women do this quietly everyday so why can’t they?

New rule; no more air time for cheaters or their chosen not so hot messes. These women need to get jobs (or keep the ones they have) and go back to their sad little ho like existence quick like before they spawn a breed of little hookers looking for their 15 minutes of fame in some B rate celebrities' pants.


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