Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Added Pages!!!

I am slowly getting better at this blog design thang. First I found out how to add customized templates freeing me from the oppression of the boring ass blogger templates. Then I learned how to use widgets (and avoid some that totally screw your computer). Now, my friends, I have added pages to my blog (as seen up above under my title). Instead of my "About" section being on the side bar you can view my description of myself in all of its glory on its very own page. I also added a "Pictures" page to give my blog friends a little visual peek of that which I call my family. If you would like to send me an email in lieu of a comment there is now a "Contact Me" page with a form you can use. I am hoping this declutters my sidebar and makes some of the more useful things like finding out who the hell I am easier for anyone who decides to read my musings. Anyway, a pat on the back to me and enjoy my new pages.


Brakes and Gas said...

You are a technilogical genius! I am humbled. (PS: Love what you've done with the place!)

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