Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Super Sweet Birthday/Mother’s Day

If you read my previous post My Impending Super Sweet 32nd Birthday then you knew of my plans for last weekend. Saturday was my birthday followed by Mother’s day Sunday which made for a weekend all about yours truly. Since there was a very important UFC event on Saturday my husband and I made my birthday plans of dinner and a show for Sunday night.

Saturday we had some friends and family over. My husband barbequed some good food and we watched the fights. I am glad we decided to watch live because Sho Gun put Machida down leaving Sho Gun open to fight the douche bag Anderson Silva. This is important because Machida and Silva are butt buddies friends and refused to fight which would have left us fans with a stale mate. Now we can dream that Rua will kick the shit out of Silva someday (a feat which has yet to be done). The day of the fights we went to the store to get the food and my kids helped me get a cake. Now this cake became quite the embarrassment of our shopping trip. How, you ask, can a cake embarrass? Because of what we had written on it. My husband is a lover of nicknames and gives them to pretty much everyone he comes in contact with. My oldest son Lash is referred to as “Baby Vegas” while his younger cohort Remy is known as “Ram it Down”. Some of the other names are “Tea Bags” for our friend Tammy, “Habie” for my sister in law, “Flanders” for my step daughter, and so on. Now his nickname for me is the culprit behind Saturday’s shopping gate. Due to my utter lack of pigmentation my husband has always called me “White People” or “Whitey”. Everyone gets a kick out of it and he uses it so often my children refer to me as “whitey” on occasion. So, out of family tradition this is what we had written on my cake:
Not realizing how this could be taken until I was at the bakery counter, I began to profusely explain this name to the Hispanic baker who had to write it on the cake. She laughed and was good natured but I still blushed and freaked out a little. We collected the goods and moved on to the register where we encountered another Hispanic lady. Again I started to babble my explanation while the lady laughed and my husband told me to let it go. With the whole Arizona thing going on I was mortified that my birthday cake might make people think we were going to a white supremacy rally or something. Everything went okay though and our friends got a kick out of the cake and the story.

Sunday night my husband and I escaped the house and our little terrorists for dinner at Serendipity 3 followed by Peepshow with Holly Madison. Dinner was so good. I read mixed reviews about the restaurant but we liked it. It was a little loud but the food made up for it. I had a NY Strip Steak Sandwich which has steak, eggs, and bacon on garlic bread and it was super yummy. After dinner we walked over to the Planet Hollywood hotel for the show. It was a really good show. Based on several fairy tale females, the characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pumpkin Eater’s wife were finally portrayed in the way every man imagines, hot with tendencies toward stripping. The music was bad ass. They actually had live singers and those bitches could belt. As for Holly Madison, it could have been any star up there and the show would have been great. My husband and I thought Holly was pregnant at first because her tummy has gotten a little rotund. At the beginning of the show she seemed to be trying to cover it up with a robe (we later realized she was actually trying to play her character as coy because she ended up topless in a g-string sans the robe). My opinion was that all of the late night drinking and buffet diving is getting to the poor girl. My husband says it may have been the contrast between her and the svelte dancers. I decided I am right and Hef’s little ex concubine is indeed showing some signs of hard ass Vegas living. She did okay in her role as Little Bo Peep for the most part, but the majority of the show is held up by the singers and dancers. Should any of you come to Vegas soon I suggest this show as long as you don’t mind partial nudity and suggestive content.

Overall, it was a great weekend. My husband took care of everything and I got to relax. Having access to such great entertainment whenever we need it is a definite advantage of living in the city of sin. I got some great gifts which included jewelry from Swarovski (my husband’s new favorite store). Becoming 32 wasn’t so bad and the past weekend is now going down as one of the greatest weekends in my history (so far).


Nacia said...

Hey Whitey,
I hope you don't get offended if I call you that now, lol. You can call me Black Girl if it makes you feel better. Glad you had a good birthday/mothers weekend. Thanks again for the award!

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