Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Break From the Monotony

As a follow up to yesterday's bitch fest about cleaning I forgot to disclose that I don't have to clean the first floor of my house this week because we are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen leaving our kitchen and dining room to look like this:

Dining (all kitchen items piled here)

Kitchen(cupboards are going in and granite being cut)

This is where my sink,dishwasher,and trash compactor will go

Though these are only two of the three areas downstairs I am considering the mess and clutter my excuse to ignore the living room as well. I am keeping the bathroom clean since the construction workers are using it but other than that I am free!!! No dishes, no vacuum, no dusting (sawdust everywhere anyway), and no vacuum. I am also granted a reprieve from laundry since our water softener is disconnected while the sink is gone. There's no water to my washing machine!! A bit inconvenient but we have enough to wear (if you don't mind holes and grease stains). I feel liberated. We are spending a fortune in eating out though so I hope my Utopia ends by this weekend the way it is scheduled to. For now though, I am kicking back and enjoying my big break. Check back soon as I will be posting pics of my new kitchen when it's done.

Merry Christmas!!!!


Naomi de la Torre said...

We had our kitchen redone a couple of winters ago while I was preggers with my second. I remember well the crazy mess while it was under construction. Sounds like you are getting a professional job, which is awesome! My hubby did ours hisself and it was nice cuz it was so cheap, but it took several months to finish and I thought I might go insane before it was over. Having no kitchen for a few days in one thing, but for months on end is another!! I hope you loooooove your kitchen's new look when it is complete! It sounds like it's going to be beautiful!

Sabreena said...

We added on to our house right before my second son was born and that took a year so I know what you mean by torturous construction. I think that's why this is so easy because it's not nearly as bad as the add on was. I am excited and thanks for the well wishing.

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