Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Stalk Fridays with CB

One Crazy Brunette Chick

How to Play:
1. Take my fabulous new button
2. Post it
(in your post, on your sidebar... I don't give a fuck as long it's there!)
3. Then link your happy ass up!

CB is the author of a blog I recently found and now follow called One Crazy Brunette. She wips my ass in the cussing department but looks like a lady doing it. If you're brave enough link up and post the button above.


Kimberly said...

Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
All the best,

Crazy Brunette said...

AWWWW! You think I'm a lady???? That's the nicest thing anybody ever said hooker face!!!

Sorry it took me so long to bring my happy ass over... BUSY fucking weekend!

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