Friday, June 25, 2010

Play Nice Fridays

So, I haven't joined a blog hop in a while and decided today I would. I have been busy with family crap and haven't been blogging responsibly but I would love more followers. I read all of these blogs which seem to sound similar to me but they have 245 followers while I have 71 (don't take that wrong my 71, I love you all and feel lucky to have you all). If you'd like to join the Friday Follow I'm on today click the link below.

If you're new here, here are what I consider some of my better posts:
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Dudes vs Chicks; Parenting


Blommi said...

Now you are at 74. Keep at it, with time and an occasional blog hop you will get up there :)

Stopping in from Friendly Friday Follow.

Sarah said...

Blogging is definitely a challenge- finding followers is even a harder challenge...I added you. :)

Anonymous said...

I gave up on the follows no one was stopping by. :(

I have an award for you

BigGiantHat said...

I have to say that Blog Catalog has done wonders for me. I am active-ish in the forums and that seems to help too.

It will happen. Great content is hard to find and when folks do they wanna make sure they don't forget where it is hidden.


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